Review of Morrell Yellow Jacket F/P Bag Target

Especially made for field point arrows, the Morrell Yellow Jacket F/P bag target makes for a great tool for beginner and professional archers alike. When using this target for arrows that are equipped with all types of field points, you can be sure that the arrows will penetrate the bag and not bounce off.

Being well versed in archery can harness one’s skill in handling bows and arrows for entertainment, hunting, and gaming purposes. It’s a skill that can be continuously improved by always engaging in target shooting sessions.

Top Features of the Morrell F/P Bag Target

One of the best features of the Yellow Jacket bag target is that it comes in a multi-layered design. This allows the unit to handle heavy blows from penetrating arrows effectively without ruining the target bag. Its patented Internal Frame System or IFS also enables it to retain its shape no matter how heavily used the target is.

If you’re after portability, this model also fits the bill as it comes with a built-in carrying handle. You can therefore take the target with you when you want to bring it to other places when practicing shooting.

Great for Indoor and Outdoor Use

This Morrell Target can be used indoors and outdoors. It measures approximately 22 x 23 x 12 inches and weighs around 23 pounds. It can be set up on a permanent location indoors or transported to other places if you want to.

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This is a waterproof target, so you can use it outdoors when practicing target shooting. And since it has a removable cover, you can replace it if it gets faded or damaged. Since the outer cover can be removed and replaced, this bag can serve you well for many years to come anytime the target becomes faded or worn, which normally takes years and constant use.

Reliable and Durable Design

This bag target is made in the USA, so you can already tell that it comes with great workmanship. Morrell is also a reputable brand; and it is known for using high quality materials in the manufacture of their products.

This model also comes with IFS (Internal Frame System) technology, making it sturdy and durable even with heavy use. In fact, its arrow stopping power extends all the way to the edges of the bag and not just in the middle portion.

Great for Target Practice

There are several reasons why a target bag is beneficial for archers. Practicing can enhance one’s shooting skills and make the sport or game more fruitful and enjoyable. It is also important that the practice session is held in such a way that it’s safe for the arrows too, as such types of equipment are quite expensive, to say the least.

With the Morrell bag target, you get to practice on your shooting without having to worry about breaking or damaging your arrows. The multi-layer design on this unit makes arrow penetration efficient while making it easy to pull the arrows out too. Hand fatigue can therefore be avoided because of this feature and other accessories can be purchased to alleviate this strain.

The Best Archery Target for Bow Hunters

The Morrell Yellow Jacket F/P bag target is a great tool for target practicing since it comes with a lot of features and an impressive design. At 23 pounds, it is light enough to be transported from one place to another but it’s heavy enough to withstand the strong blows of flying arrows.

Its arrow stopping power makes one confident of using it on both indoor and outdoor settings; so it can be used at home, at camp, or other open areas. And since pulling the arrows is made to be easy because of its design, you don’t need to use both hands when retrieving these from the target.

Keep in mind that you can use this Morrell target bag with any field point arrows; and it can handle shots from crossbows too. Now you can prepare well for hunting season so as to make your shots more accurate.

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As one of the more desirable archery targets on the market, this model is also very affordable. Archers will find it to be a worthwhile investment as one will be investing on harnessing his or her shooting skills too. Another bag target that is well received and has plenty of good reviews is the Field Logic Hurricane target, a strong alternative to this Morrell bag.

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