Review of Field Logic Glendel 71000 and S4

Although practicing on any type of target can enhance an archer’s skills, using targets that are realistic is definitely more advantageous. The reason for this is that unrealistic targets provide for an easy training; and even if one can perfect this, it will not necessarily produce the same results when one is in the field.

And this is especially true during deer hunting season as such types of animals move fast; and you need to hit them at certain spots in order to kill them instantly. Otherwise, simply wounding the animal will just let it escape and warn the other deer of impeding danger too.

It’s for realistic practicing that archery 3D targets have become the preferred method of training of hunters and archers. With the best archery target that comes in a 3-dimensional presentation, one’s skills can be sharpened accordingly; and the whole process of practicing becomes more exciting too.

Top Features of the Field Logic – Glendel Buck 71000 3D Archery Target

Built like a 200-pound deer, Field Logic archery 3D targets 71000 can stand in your backyard like a real animal for target shooting. Its shoulder height is 34 inches; and its core size measures 11 x 11 x 11 inches. Said core surface area can be considered 5 times bigger than other models of 3D archery targets too.

Using poly-fusion technology in its foam materials, it becomes very easy to pull out arrows from this target as the internal layers of fiber automatically separates to accommodate and stop the hitting arrows that are coming in. Said materials are therefore tough and resilient as well.

Priced at around $139.00, this model of 3D target can offer hunters years of efficient training and practicing in order to prepare for deer hunting season.

Looking at the Glendel S4 Pre-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target

Made with foam materials that have also gone through the poly-fusion technique, S4 Glendel archery 3D targets are also made to look like a live deer. It has a shoulder height of 36 inches and core measurements of 12 x 12 x 12 inches. This model’s core surface is 7 times bigger than other types of targets and the whole structure reflects an animal that has a 250-pound body weight.

The package comes with metal stakes that you stick to the ground so that the target can stand on it; but if you want, you can also get an optional stand for it for about $30. The actual 3D target is priced at around $189; and it can be purchased online easily.

Both models of 3D targets are life-like; that’s why practicing on them can surely present archers and hunters with the best training in the field of hunting live animals. And since these archery 3D targets are 4-sided models, you can rotate their placements and positions so as to provide you with different challenges while practicing target shooting.

Note, too, that the core areas of said models have embedded drawings as to the vital organs of a deer; but these are not made to be very visible. The reason for this is that a live deer doesn’t bear colorful markings on its body. Instead, the hunter needs to measure in his mind where these vital organs are just by looking at the overall appearance of the deer’s body. So with such a target, you will only know if you have hit the right spot after making the shot.

Both of these models of 3D targets are good to consider when searching for the best archery target. The product you pick will depend on the size on which you want to practice on and your budget as well.

Although the archery targets in this article got our thumbs up, we also recommend the Field Logic B22 because of its many outstanding features. So be sure to check it out too!

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