Review of Field Logic Archery Block Target 51100

The thrill of shooting is in a class of its own. Morning, afternoon or amazonbuttonevening, summer or winter, anytime is great for shooting, just imagine yourself shooting away to glory! Hitting the bulls-eye feels heavenly doesn’t it?

Archery is one of the most loved sports of all time and people from ancient times love this competitive sport. The immense fun and thrill one gets from shooting arrows is utterly indescribable, although nowadays, archery has become a child’s play too.

Children are seen playing archery with their friends in the backyard or the playground, arising a feeling of competitiveness in them. Merely archery is never complete without a target. You may have sophisticated bows and arrows but archery is never complete unless you hit the target’s bulls-eye.

Well that’s where Field Logic Classic 18 Archery Block Target 51100 comes in. This high quality product made by the U.S based company called “BLOCK” lets you practice target shooting anywhere, any time, and at any place. The best part about the Block Target is that it is hard and extremely durable, light-weight and easy to carry.

It is in the shape of a cube, and is painted solid black on all the sides having high contrast white colored dots to shoot at. The difference in the contrast allows people to clearly and easily differentiate between the colors, and shoot with pin-point precision even from a distance.

The Classic 18 Block Target helps archers to fine-tune their skills within a very short period of time in both short range and long range shooting. It is suitable for both beginners as well as the professional archers. It is very simple to set up and doesn’t require any complicated procedures. All you need to do is find a suitable and comfortable level ground to place it and you can start your archery practice without any worry, disturbance or difficulty.

Top Features of Field Logic Classic 18 Archery Block Target 51100

The Block Classic 18 Target is cleverly designed to make it a one-of-a-kind target. BLOCK is always known for its easy arrow removal. The most marvelous thing about the product is that the arrows which are shot at it are not stopped by force but by friction, which makes it easier to pull the arrow out and use it again. This also reduces the fatigue and stress required in pulling the arrow out of the target.

The Block Archery Target comes in various sizes. Its size varies from 16-inches to 18-inches and goes all the way up to 22-inches. In between the 16-inch target and the 22-inch target comes the 20-inch target, which is suitable for amateur archers.

The high contrast white dots are strategically placed for different shooting ranges. There are four white dots placed at four different corners of the block to shoot from a near-distance range, meanwhile there is a white dot marked at the center of the block for long range shots.

To increase the durability of Archery Block Target, its manufacturers have made shooting targets on all the sides. This way, you can make sure that you don’t wear out the centers too fast and make it last longer.

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BLOCK claims that its Classic Archery Target is going to last longer and also outperform any other archery target. It is better than those archery bag targets as it is more durable and can be conveniently transported.

Some of the archery bag targets must be hanged to a tree or a wall to shoot at; but with the Block Archery Target, you don’t need to worry about all those problems. So if you are a passionate archer and you are looking for a suitable target to practice your archery, then The Classic 18 Block Target is the best to choose from.

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