Morrell Bone Collector 400 F.P.S Target Review

It’s good to note that Morrell targets have always been well acclaimed by amazonbuttondealers and consumers alike. Foam archery targets are particularly popular as these are convenient and practical to use when properly set up.

The target box design also provides users with options and variety when using this item either for entertainment purposes or for target practices. Archers, hunters, and shooters also look for products that are not only tough but are not troublesome to use too. So getting a model that allows one to easily pull arrows off the target is also an added benefit.

The Bone Collector 400 F.P.S. target by Morrell is a great item to look into when choosing an archery target foam. Its 4-sided field point surface target provides you with 4 different images to choose from; so you can also customize its use according to your specific requirements.

While there are pictures and patterns for games, there are also animal body parts that would allow you to harness your hunting skills. It is also a 400 F.P.S. model, so it can handle heavy shooting from archers and shooters.

Top Features of the Bone Collector 400 F.P.S Target

Equipped with 4 sides to serve as targets, this model of archery target foam provides users with options when using this item. The most common target design for bull’s eye is included in its design; and a 9-ball image game is also printed on one of the sides.

Of course, the all-popular dart board pattern can also be found in this model as it has never lost its appeal to target shooters. And for the hunters who particularly like to go out into the wild during deer season, there’s even a picture design of a deer’s mid section with its vital organs exposed for maximum efficiency while practicing.

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As foam archery targets need to be made of durable materials in order for such product to be deemed effective, useful and safe, Morrell also made sure that this unit’s design uses dense rubber and tough foam materials that would guarantee long life in spite of being constantly used and abused.

It is highly advertised, too, that this model allows for easy removal of arrows as compared to other products that are out on the market right now. While other brands and models may require the users to use rubber grips just to pull off embedded arrows from the targets, Morrell targets boast of 2-finger removal, which a lot of consumers are really impressed with.

Another impressive design is this model’s 400 F.P.S (Feet Per Second) capability, which means that it can withstand heavy blows and penetration from arrows. In fact, a lot of people have noted that in spite of the force, their arrows only penetrate through the archery target foam at about 8 to 10 inches deep. And again, let’s just note that these arrows are easy to remove with just one hand.

Although the Bone Collector 400 F.P.S Target by Morrell can be left outdoors. Know that exposure to external elements such as sun, wind, moisture, and rain can cause discoloration and affect the unit’s surface in time. So it is highly recommended that said product is kept indoors or in the garage when not in use. It’s so easy to carry and transport anyway, since it comes with a built-in carrying handle on the sides.

So even though this archery target foam seems to be quite pricey at first glance, having an average cost of about $70, it’s actually worth every penny. Its quality is simply superb; and being a multi-purpose target, we can say that it’s truly functional and effective for playing games and practicing those perfect shots when hunting out in the field.

This model of archery target comes with a 2-year warranty too. So that really gives shooters, hunters, and game players peace of mind as well.

If you still feel the need to look at other brands and models of archery targets, we encourage you to check out our review of the Field Logic 71600. It’s also a 3D target, so your shooting skills will also be harnessed efficiently when you use this model.

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