Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target H25 Review

The Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target H25 can be considered as one of the most versatile archery block targets that any archery savvy customer can think of. This model of archery bag target comprises of all the basic components and features that a good target should display; these basic features are then complemented by a touch of uniqueness and customization that gives this model the edge over the average archery block target.

Given the level of success that the Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target H25 has achieved as a premium quality archery target bag in the industry, it is worth the while mentioning a few of its classic features, as well as the potential benefits that await clients who are ready to take full advantage of the currently available offers.

Top Features of the Field Logic Archery Bag H25

Dimension: This block archery target features a relatively practical design. Unlike the regular box shaped models, the Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target H25 sports a rectangular “bag like” design that makes it easier for moving around using a single arm. At the same time, this archery bag target is very compact and takes up very little storage space.

Material: Nothing beats a product that is made to withstand the wear and tear of usage and the outdoor conditions. The same goes for this model; in fact, the name says it all – The Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target H25 was engineered to withstand the constant tension of shooting and removing arrows, with very little changes in the structure and integrity of the bag. This feature is further guaranteed by the presence of the signature Tri-Core Technology with which it was manufactured.

Functionality and Performance: The Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target H25 adopts a practical approach to archery, with one target side featuring nine individual targets and the other with a highly visible and realistic deer vitals target. This unique feature gives archers the leverage to maximize their accuracy for hunting wild game without even leaving the comfort of their backyard.

Added to this is the ability of this block archery target to stop all arrows that are shot at it. This feature adds a touch of safety and reliability to the bag target and makes practicing in the backyard more feasible.

Convenience and Portability: Unlike other target models, the Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target H25 comes readily equipped with its own durable handle that is ergonomically designed to carry the entire target as a regular handbag.

This ingenious design is a patented feature of the Hurricane Archery Bag Target product line and its presence comes in extremely handy considering the average weight of any target and the constant need for changes in location in accordance to an archer’s preference and practice schedule.

Versatility: Although at a first glance it may be difficult to pin point, the Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target H25 features hanging rings that are present in the upper edges of the bag. The reality about archery practice is that targets must stand a different height and not merely placed on the ground.

Innovatively, the creators of this archery block target have included these rings to allow accommodation for archers who would prefer to hang their targets from a tree or even from a target stand. This degree of versatility grants users the opportunity to practice shooting their arrows at virtually any level, including the ground level, where the bag target can be laid out on a flat surface.

Cost: Luckily for all customers, this model of block archery target does not break your bank! Considering the number of special features included in this innovative product, the price at which it is currently offered is practically a giveaway. Be sure to order your Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target to begin a whole new level of archery practice today!

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