Eyeing the Best Large Archery Targets

Whether you are simply looking to boost your archery skills in amazonbuttonpreparation for the next hunting season, or just starting off as an amateur in the industry, large archery targets are ideal for improving your overall performance. In most archery target reviews that you may encounter online, certain key elements are usually common to all premium quality brands: most customers seek a product that will last a very long time, stand up to the constant use, and best of all, block your arrows without damaging them on removal.

Since many brands are currently available, choosing the top archery target that would work for you can make a whole lot a difference – from cutting your practice expenses to saving you precious time!

Two of the best large archery targets that define the true meaning of premium quality are the Rinehart RhinoBlock Target and the Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target.

Reviewing Large Archery Block Targets by Rinehart and Field Logic

Finding large size block targets are never easy and some are made so flimsy you only get a short amount of time with them before they crumble and disintegrate. There are only a handful of good brands out there, let’s take a look below at the ones that really rise to the top of the heap.

Rinehart RhinoBlock Target

This large archery target is crafted from “self healing” foam, which, as the name suggests, returns to its original state after an arrow has been retrieved from the block. This feature allows the RhinoBlock to retain arrows neatly with every new shot without the wear and tear effect of regular target brands out there.

Another important feature of the Rinehart RhinoBlock Target is that it sports a 6-sided design, allowing an optimum number of practice areas that can be rotated in accordance with an archer’s preference.

Added to the 6-sided design is the presence of two full sides of 3-D deer vital zones that are ideal for developing accuracy for hunting wild game. A total of 40 high-visibility target zones are incorporated on the RhinoBlock, providing even more practice options at different places on the target. Since a major concern of all archers is directed towards whether or not a given target will stop their arrow, the manufactures of the Rinehart RhinoBlock Target have specifically engineered this block target to stop field points, broadheads and expandables with ease.

This creates a perfect opportunity for nearly all archers, regardless of the type of arrow tip that they use. Getting your target off the ground and unto a preferred height is simple, thanks to the presence of inbuilt mounting holes that can be utilized for easy elevation of the block. Portability complements durability, thanks to the presence of a rope handle from which the target can be lifted or carried around.

What’s beneficial to potential buyers is the RhinoBlock target is an affordable buy for many who plan to use this target for the long haul.

Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target H28

This target brings a touch of style and innovation to the archery target industry. Its design favors high visibility, allowing for maximum accuracy at considerable distances.

The front side of the Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target is furnished with 9 high-visibility target zones in the form of hurricanes, with the center of each structure representing the bull’s-eye. On the other hand, the back of this archery bag target holds the deer vitals that can be used by archers for wild game practice in order to stay sharp and to maintain their accuracy levels even during closed hunting season.

Given its relatively large dimension, this archery target is also ideal for starters who are working towards mastering the art.  Another remarkable feature of this archery target is that it stays firmly in place, once it has been properly set up; this eliminates the worry of having to reposition it with every shot.

The Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target not only features a unique design, but has also been engineered with a Tri-Core Technology that keeps it standing up against the constant wear and tear of archery. Arrow removal is as easy as it gets, without the need for applying extra force. This large archery target sells at price that is reasonable and is guarantted to last many archery sessions so the joy can continue for the foreseeable future.

Field Logic is one of the most respected target companies and makes a wide variety of targets including the Block 51100 and the Black Hole B22.

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